Imaging Systems and Services




Since 1968 a small group of people in Ann Arbor, Michigan have addressed a niche in the airborne remote sensing market. DaedalusScanners is focused on the business segments and technology summarized below.

        Service and support of the Daedalus scanner systems that are operating throughout the world. Providing this support requires engineering resources with relevant expertise, material resources in the form of special test equipment and/or spare parts, and an organization that can effectively join these resources and communicate with customers.

        Building new Daedalus scanner systems for new or existing customers.

        Modernizing systems for existing customers. Generally the optical and scanning subsystems do not become obsolete. However, modern detector technology can eliminate liquid nitrogen cooling and data system electronics/recording designs have evolved. In particular the ability to measure location and aircraft attitude using integrated GPS/INS technology and subsequently process that information to create north-up orthorectified imagery adds great value to the scanner data.


Specific information about new systems that we build and support is contained in the datasheets below. Customized variations on any of these systems are possible.

        AA3503DS 2 or 3 Band.pdf Ultraviolet plus 1 or 2 infrared bands. Coastal patrol & fire mapping.

        AA3607DS 16 Band.pdf 14 visible/near infrared plus 2 thermal infrared bands.

        AA3509DS Lightweight.pdf For UAV or other space limited platforms.

        ATM+UV DS 11 Band.pdf Ultraviolet plus visible/near infrared & long wave infrared.

        AMS 10 Band DS.pdf 8 visible/near infrared plus 2 thermal infrared bands.



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